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Our services

MedChemBio Laboratory

The Laboratory provides services in the area of quality inspection for medical preparations, active substances, raw materials and intermediate products. It offers stability studies for the above-mentioned materials as well. On a client's request, the MedChemBio Laboratory can also carry out research, development and validation of analytical methods. The existing equipment of the Laboratory enables us to carry out standard and special physical and chemical analysis jobs, such as liquid chromatography,liquid chromatography connected with a mass spectrometer, infrared spectroscopy, titration and a number of other analytical assessments. The MedChemBio Laboratory employs experts who have long-term experience with proper production practice in the pharmaceutical industry.


Organizing of congresses, conferences, seminars and trainings

The cluster provides services in the organizing of congresses, conferences, seminars and trainings.

Since 2013, MedChemBio has been organizing Diagnostic, Predictive and Experimental Oncology Days ( and since 2016 BioSpot - a presentation portal and conference at which promising technologies in the field of life-sciences are presented to investors (

The Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade