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Department of the synthesis, isolation and production of chemical compounds

The project will be focused on research of new synthetic procedures for preparation and isolation of commercially interesting chemical compounds and methods to transfer laboratory synthesis to pilot scale, and will offer services related to the prediction of substances properties and design of structures suitable for the desired application.

In the area of synthesis, there will be a laboratory preparation of new products, with commercial potential and substances which already exist in the market, but their current method of preparation is complicated or in terms of economic or regulatory basis highly restrictive.

In addition, the project will include an offer of organic compounds synthesis in quater-plant scale. This will create the possibility of the availability of various intermediates for various applications.

Sophisticated equipment for the substance separation of various mixes, their isolation, identification and determination of the representation of individual components will be available. The equipment may be usedby cluster members to analyze the materials, that they use in the field of research or business. Cluster members can also take advantage of the expertise of members for consultancy about the perspective of development or launching of new chemical products on the market, which should streamline their activities and better focus on portfolio of theirs products and activities.

Institutions participating in project have many years of experience in the synthesis of organic compounds in the laboratory and operational scale, as well as in business.

The project aims to provide high-quality and affordable facilities for synthesis, isolation and commercialization of organic compounds to all cluster members.

The Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade