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MediTox s.r.o.

MediTox s.r.o. is Contract Research Organization certified according to GLP Principles dealing with:

  • Preclinical R&D in the area of cardiology (specialized hemodynamic laboratory), anti-influenza vaccine development (EU FP 6 and 7 projects), neurodegenerative diseases (transgenic Huntington´s disease model) and diabetes (diabetes type I model in rodents and type II model in non-human primates)
  • Comprehensive preclinical and toxicological program for human/veterinary pharmaceutical, biological, medical devices, food additives (PHARMA), chemicals and agrochemicals (REACH)
  • Development of animal models of selected human diseases (chronic glaucoma, induced arthritis, chronic traumatic spinal cord injury, myocardial infarct). The team of experienced study directors and scientists works on  the models enabling speed up and making the development process more effective
  • Laboratory animal breeding (non-human primates, beagle dogs, rodents)

  • The members of the Toxicological team have experience with practically all kinds of laboratory animals including primates, dogs, ferrets, cats and pigs)  and various kinds of compounds and indications. Common and special ways of administration are available as well as GLP-compliant platform for bioanalyses, clinical patholohy, histopathology and immunoassays. One of the advantages is an approval for handling GMO.

  • MediTox principles:

    ●  High scientific standard
    ●  High reliability
    ●  Strong applying scientific and business ethics
    ●  Individual and tailored approach
    ●  Comprehensive program

    The Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade